Congratulations Bro. Boston Bob from New Hampshire!!

Congratulations Bro. Bob on your being passed to the Fellow Craft degree in such short order. Your hard work is evident and appreciated. We all truly enjoy your company and wish you nothing but the best in the future as you progress in your Masonic education. Well done. Congratulations also go out to Bro. Glenn Van Steeter for his “amazing” second degree lecture. I truly aspire to give a lecture like that someday. I’ll trade you photography lessons for lecture lessons any day. You rocked it Brother. And, of course, congrats to all of the Brethren who participated in tonight’s degree, as well as Worshipful Bro. Sampson of the Grand Lodge. Brothers, the ritual was good. But I know we can do even better.

Bro. Tony / JD

Brotherhood at Hiram’s Lounge after the sucessful 2nd Degree

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