Phil Hollifield can use our help.

The information I have been given is sketchy… but here is what I’ve got.
Bro. Phil Hollifield was admitted to John C. Lincoln North hospital last week. Apparently he needed several pints of blood. It has been suggested that any brothers who are willing to donate blood in his name that we can reduce the cost of his hospital stay. I’m told that Bro. Phil’s blood type is A+. I will try to get more confirmed information soon.

As I understand it, if you donate blood for a particular person, you do not necessarily need to have the same blood type. They will credit him just the same.


WBro. Glen

Congratulations Brothers !!

Congratulations to all of the Brethren who have been elected as officers of Phoenicia Lodge #58 for 2012

WM: Ray Brigandi
SW: Jason Schnieder
JW: Frank Tanner
Sec: Glen Van Steeter
Tres: Dr Robert Evans
SD: Jason Easterday
JD: Tony Hernandez
SS: Emmit Middaugh
JS: Joe Pappas
Chaplain: Eric Mobley
Tyler: Chet Hinson

We are all looking forward to another great year!!