Arizona Masonic Education Academy this weekend.

Great event beginning Friday. Three Brothers from Phoenicia 58 will be attending in Rio Rico. Should be loads of fun and a brain chocked full of Masonry. Having attended the last Academy in Flagstaff where, the subject was the 1st degree. I’m looking forward to the next logical subject of the 2nd degree and the spirited Q&A that comes with the format the Grand Lodge put into place at the last event. As good as the speaker were, the real “stuff” came out during the open Q&A sessions. The trip begins tomorrow at noon. I have a feeling I’m not going to be able to drive by Tucson twice without stopping at El Charro for some “carne seka”.

The passing of a Brother

The passing of Bro. Jacob (Jack) S. Beliak comes as sad news to the Brothers of Phoenicia 58. His incredible life story and dedication to Masonry are the stuff great novels are made of. We were fortunate to have had him in our lodge and will always remember the amazing evening he shared with all who attended as he painted word pictures with the stories of his survival of a Nazi concentration camp. He will forever be remembered for his truly good heart, as well as his honor and bravery

His funeral will be held at Mount Sinai Cemetery on Sunday, October 16th.
Time to be determind

Phoenicia 58 thanks Jamie for the new website

Phoenicia 58 officially thanked Jamie Hernandez for her outstanding contribution on the lodges new website. A gift card and a box of chocolates along with a lodge pin were presented to Mrs. Hernandez by Worshipful Master Jeff Hinson, along with a rousing round of applause by the brethren.

Poker & Pizza … with a dash of Brotherhood thrown in for good measure

Many thanks to Bro. Jason Schneider for providing the venue for tonight’s Poker and Pizza night for the lodge. The Wii racing was just as intense as the poker this evening and fun was had by all. Thanks to everyone who attended.
Bro. TH